Festive cocktails at Dakota: Discover Your Perfect Holiday Drink
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Festive cocktails at Dakota: Discover Your Perfect Holiday Drink

Here at Dakota Hotels, we know there’s no better way to ring in the Christmas cheer than with a festive-themed cocktail so if you’re searching for your perfect holiday-inspired tipple, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Get ready to tantalise your taste buds with our festive cocktail lineup, each concoction promises a symphony of flavours designed to sleigh your holiday cravings.

Read on to find out which of our festive delights suits your taste buds…

Clausmopolitan – the iconic Cosmopolitan decked out in festive cheer.

Flavour profile: a merry infusion of tangy and sweet, with a hint of warmth from the cinnamon. Think vibrant bursts of pomegranate intertwined with zesty lemon and a subtle cinnamon embrace.

Perfect match: if you have a penchant for a classic with a twist, a Clausmopolitan is your ticket to holiday euphoria. Ideal for those who relish a balance between fruity flavours and festive spice.

Jack Skellington – a creamy delight before Christmas.

Flavour profile: a symphony of cinnamon-infused richness, bolstered by the enchanting blend of Ron Zacapa and the creamy allure of Panther Milk. It’s a harmonious marriage of velvety textures and indulging warmth.

Perfect match: for the adventurous souls seeking depth in their drink, the Jack Skellington embodies the charm of the unexpected. It’s an ideal choice for those who appreciate creamy textures and spiced cinnamon flavours.

Candy Cane – fruity zings with a minty twist.

Flavour profile: a delightful fusion of tangy cranberry, invigorating lemon, and a hint of mint from the crème de menthe. The addition of strawberry puree adds a touch of sweetness, whilst the gomme syrup ties it all together.

Perfect match: if your tastebuds crave a playful and refreshing experience, the Candy Cane cocktail, bursting with fruity zing and a minty kick, is your ideal holiday refreshment.

Tipsy Crumble – a symphony of tequila-kissed citrus notes.

Flavour profile: a multi-layered cocktail boasting the smooth, slightly sweet essence of Casamigos Blanco tequila, adorned with fruity nuances from the Orange Muscat and Manzana Verde. Lime and cinnamon syrup infuse a tantalising zestiness, creating a spirited celebration on the palette.

Perfect match: whether you’re a connoisseur of tequila-based drinks or simply someone eager to explore a unique and festive blend, The Tipsy Crumble is perfect for those who appreciate a sophisticated fusion of sweet, tangy, and spiced flavours.

Bad Santa – a naughty but nice blend of botanical essences.

Flavour profile: a creamy delight with a tantalising blend of Tanqueray’s botanical essence, raspberry allure, and a luxurious dash of double cream. The marriage of vanilla, rose syrup, and lemon adds a fascinating twist.

Perfect match: if you have a taste for luxurious, creamy delights with a touch of floral sophistication, the Bad Santa cocktail is your festive companion. An ideal choice for those who enjoy a decadent sip with a hint of floral finesse.

This holiday season let Dakota Hotels be your guide to a world of festive delights through our artisanal cocktails. Indulge in the spirit of merriment and make your reservation to enjoy some holiday delights at the Dakota Bar. Get the full Dakota festive experience and book a table to enjoy our seasonal A La Carte menus, available throughout the holiday season only.

Cheers to a season filled with warmth, laughter, and festive cocktails!